WhatsApp is not safe Now !!!

According to the new Annual report drafted by “Electronic Frontier Foundation”, Whatsapp along with AT&T and Verizon have been ranked worst at protecting users privacy and sensitive data from Government Agencies.
WhatsApp is not safe !!!  Ranked worst at Protecting users Data from Government Agencies
The Report “Who Has Your Back” drafted by “Electronic Frontier Foundation” revolves around 5 main criterion’s which are relevant to any Companies privacy and data policy.
Whatsapp Data privacy flaw

  1. Follows Industry Accepted Best Practices
  2. Tells Users About Government Data Demands
  3. Discloses Policies on Data Retention
  4. Discloses Government Content Removal Requests
  5. Pro-user Public Policy: opposes backdoors

The Group has analyzed 24 Companies in total including Facebook and other Social media Companies. While Whatsapp and AT&T could only meet just one Criteria out of 5 required criterion’s, Apple and couple of others have met all 5 criterion’s making them the best when it comes to protecting users privacy.
Also Major companies like Microsoft and Google have met just 3 criterion’s, Which is not good when large number of users depend so much on these 2 companies. Here is how major companies stand in this report. You can access the full report here.

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