Website Re-Designing

Website Re-Designing

Redesigning a website is a specific provision that requires a certain expertise. This agency is Online regularly conducts this work is much more complex than it seems.

It is possible to consider redesigning a website in a very basic way and see only the creation of a new site.

However, exercise is more subtle. Rather we consider redesigning a website as a transformation. However, the success of such a transformation is not systematic.


The main errors to overcome:

Address the issue of recasting a purely technical angle
Consider this problem in a strictly graphical approach ( makeover )

However, creating a website , let alone its redesign , is rarely limited to these two approaches.

When you go in creating and redesigning a website , it is necessary to follow a few key steps :

architecture of information: what I have to say , how I structure ;
content production :  content consistent with the predefined structure and development of content brand ( brand content ) ;
the graphic and ergonomic approaches;
technical architecture and development phase;
SEO (natural and paid) .

Information Architecture: what was relevant there seven years can’t be today

Your site in its current form or old, had been a long process. It was very relevant and meet the aesthetic and technical standards of his generation. However, digital trends and tools have evolved : it is necessary to take into account these changes and to take advantage in the development of your site.

The raw information is probably again, there is nothing surprising, it is ultimately the life of a website.
However it is certainly more urgent to validate some basic interviewing you about:

the relevance of your information architecture: this organization is it always in tune with the expectations of your audience, the products or services you offer ?
tools available today : they offer opportunities to improve this architecture, navigation modes or ergonomics ?

Only then , rewriting or production of new branded content can begin. Here too , which simply states does not occur necessarily as easily.
Content production is complex. It is very time consuming , it often makes use of distributed resources in your organization … In addition, we often find that this subject is dealt with at the last moment . However, produce content suitable for web, comply with the technical requirements for Web writing and SEO, but also consistent with your brand strategy, it is also a business . This is ours.
Ergonomics, functional prototyping.

  1. Before
  2. After

In the result of the work of information architecture , ergonomic work can foreshadow what will be the screens of the site: the zoning of the home and home pages. To view these models , we use functional prototyping tools ( prototyping) , or mockups , easy to use but powerful and very useful.

This step is crucial : these story boarding are often an opportunity to question the logic of organization of space or back on features that prove irrelevant in terms of use or complicated to implement in relation to expected results.

The graphic work then just continue all the preliminary thoughts of information architecture , content and usability .
This is obviously a crucial phase : the graphic proposals , presented as models, are carrying the image of your site. They give it body.
Moreover, this work is frequently part of a period of change in visual identity. Models ideally foreshadow developments planned . They facility allows a progressive and thoughtful ownership change, sometimes dramatic.
An engine under the hood

The technical architecture is the work of thinking tools implemented to sustain this new site, sometimes within an existing information system and linked to the site .
Is Online must meet several challenges , starting with the functional requirements described in the specifications. The latter is rarely exhaustive , we often go further in our approach to anticipating all the requirements to be considered for an effective transition.
These include resuming existing content. This work is often tedious and complex, with the need to maintain any links with existing systems that are in place ( electronic banking, accounting back office , exports, etc. . ) .

Through a rigorous analysis of expressed needs, this Online conducts a range of tools (CMS framework) comply with all of the features considered.

This technical part , related to (SEO for search engine optimization ) is also often overlooked and sometimes forgotten. Yet it is essential, the positioning information of your site – past or present – possibly being lost . While you were on the front page for an important keyword , you could make the leap to the tenth page …

SEO work starts from the mockup . it is to identify the elements contributing to the SEO of your new site: main title position , creating lists of links in the footer , add a mapping product , etc …
This course continues for the technical phase , since it can lead to specific developments. For example, development work to create lists of links updated according to the context (page or moment) .
Finally, when thinking about the SEO , it is important to resume the previous site links .
Each project is unique

This entire presentation and description of the various stages of transition remain fairly schematic. When redesigning a website to follow this process, it is rarely found in the same line projects. Each time, we implement our expertise and creativity to ensure a successful transition.

In the same vein as the makeover, redesign website is to change the appearance of your interactive display. However, the redesign differ makeover in that it allows the addition and deletion of certain features more or less sophisticated.

– In reviewing the overall architecture of the site redesign is somehow a complete metamorphosis acting deep web content. More than a change of look and design, it allows you to edit the site and not just visually.

– By allowing you to add or remove some options website redesign helps move your interactive window in order to perfectly suit what you need. May be due to the evolution of your company itself or the specific claims of your customers , changes in benefits and services can lead to questioning and adaptation headings and menu tabs may require a complete restructuring of site.

– All web content can be changed and it is in this that the main interest of the act. It is therefore quite possible to interchange the entire text and image content of your site, which can be a very good way to effectively boost the ranking of your web display on canvas. However, the maneuver is more difficult when the site is already well positioned in the search engines, since a complete overhaul of the content is to take the risk to drop significantly your PR and visibility on the web. That is why it is extremely important to trust to a professional who will know how to take to limit the damage caused by an overhaul. However, we must not perceive a website redesign adversely because if it is made ​​, it will bring a great shot of dynamism to your site that will be propelled to the top of top search engines.

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