Wanna live your life without any regrets?? Follow these 18 best ways…

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Life is a waste if you haven’t really enjoyed living it. Like they say, it’s not the destination that matters, but the journey. Here are some life tips that will make this journey worth a lot more for you!
1. People will always have a lot to say about your life. They will always come up with free advice on how you should be living your life. Listen to everyone but do what you want anyway.
2. Don’t compare yourself with others. They’ve not been brought up the same way, they’ve not had the same experiences as you and so, they’re not the same people as you. Good, bad or ordinary—accept yourself for you who are and know you’re any other person in this world.
3. Make every day count. Forget about what you want to be doing 5 years down the line, live in the present. Stop worrying about tomorrow, start living today. Your life isn’t going to get exciting unless this very moment is!
4. Disappointment is what makes our lives miserable. We’re disappointed in ourselves, in people we know, in life, despite knowing that not everything will happen the way you want it to. Be more accepting towards people. Know that they have their own reasons for being ..
5. Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t cling on to things and people that you know, deep down, are not going to stay forever. Holding on to them will only make you weaker, and more insecure. People who have to leave will leave no matter how much you try to control them. And those who want to stay will find a way in no matter how much you shut them off.
6. Accept that you’re just a tiny part of this universe and that the world cannot run as you want it to. Stop trying to control people. Let them do what they want to. Live, and let live.
7. Always look for things that make you happy. People may think otherwise, but it is not selfish at all to keep your own happiness a priority. You will never be able to keep anyone else happy unless you’re happy yourself.
8. Be kind and generous. Help people when they need you. Just don’t let their troubles rub off on you. Don’t get so involved in someone else’s problem that it makes you lose your own mental peace.
9. Share your happiness. Celebrate. It simply makes the smallest moments count and reminds you of all that you have to look forward to in life.
10. Don’t complain. It never helps. The more you rant, the worse it makes you feel about your life. Either be the change you want to see in others, or accept the world the way it is.
11. Be open to what others have to say. Be open to changing your opinions and perspectives about things in life. You’ll realize you disagree with most things simply because you’re too resistant to change. Being flexible in your opinion will make you realize there’s no absolute right or wrong in this world – just perspectives.
12. Take out time to do things you genuinely love. Don’t be so caught up in making a career that you lose out on your interests in life.
13. Every once in a while, disconnect with the world and connect with yourself. Sit silently and do nothing. Appreciate life in its calmness. Find beauty in the mundane.
14. Conquer your fears. Set yourself free. Explore all that you’ve been missing out on in life because of that one tiny fear. Go, face the waves!
15. We often seek others’ approval and appreciation all the time. But guess what, nobody can judge you better than yourself. Appreciate yourself. Reward yourself.
16. Stop trying to please everyone. You cannot. The only person you should be pleasing is you. It is high time you stop giving others so much importance in your life.
17. We’re all flawed; it is nothing to be ashamed of. But the world may keep reminding you of it time and again. And the best way to fight back is to learn how to laugh at yourself! The world loses the moment you begin to embrace your imperfections.
18. Spend money if it makes you happy. But spend it on experiences not materialistic pleasures. Instead of buying the latest iPhone, take an unforgettable trip with your best friends! It is moments like these that make the most priceless ..

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