Software Testing


CFC Software is a recognized software testing and information security specialist company in Mumbai. Our effort allows you to control the quality of your software. CFC Software operates in Mumbai and globally(Functional testing, Usability and Performance) and offers practical and effective solutions.

Quality benefit of CFC Software has convinced many companies in the telecommunications, management, Banking and Insurance.
Our solutions audits and process improvement tests have proven themselves in the field Banking and Insurance.

What is Software Testing?

Testing is a process of checking developer software is functioning according to the consumer business requirements or not and also the major thing in testing is to find defect in that developed software.

Why Testing?

Now a days the applications and the software are the daily needs of human being. The risk of lose rate is very high if the application may goes wrong. Its create damage to your business. To avoid all this stuffs software testing is introduced. You can reduce the risk by performing testing on that product.

What to Test?

Lots of things are there in an application (stand alone or web application) but the software testing majorly includes:

  • Functionality
  • Load
  • Efficiency
  • Security issues
  • Compatibility
  • Graphical User Interface(GUI)
  • Usability

Software testing is divided into two groups

  1. Manual Testing
  2. Automation Testing

Manual Testing

If any testing like functionality testing, load testing, performance testing etc is carried out with human effort manually then that’s known as manual testing.

Automation Testing

If you are using any testing tools like QTP, SELENIUM, TEST PARTNER etc to test an application for functionality testing, load testing, performance testing is known as automation testing. In simple words Making test automatic using some of the tools that’s known as automation testing.

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We offer testing of Advanced Level Test Management, Test Analyst and Advanced Level Technical Test Analyst Advanced Level, and exams associated with it.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, whether for services on automation testing, manual testing, and performance testing (software testing, requirements management, process improvement , etc. . ).
Strength of CFC Software lies in the experience of its experts and specialists in IT and marketing.