How to trace Facebook users location using IP address & User-Agent

In my last post (Finding IP address of fake Facebook users), I had discussed about how you can trick Facebook user into revealing his IP address. In that post i had linked to a ‘IP tracking tool’ provided by GeniusHackers. But unfortunately the website went down and now the tool is not accessible. So before i proceed with tracing facebook User location using his IP address and user-agent, i will list some more IP grabbing tools that you can use instead of GeniusHackers.
Few years back i had also posted about how to trace Facebook chat location, While it worked that time, it no more works today. But i would advice you to read that post as well, just to improve your analytical and criminal skills. Since you will need both if you want to successfully trace and catch fake Facebook user red-handed.

List of IP grabbing/Tracking Tools

  1. blasze IP logger
    On the website enter any URL like or any file URL and click ‘submit’. You will get some information related to your tracking link. Note down your Access code and copy your tracking link which you will need to send out to the Facebook user whose IP address you want to log. Now go to the main page after sometime and paste your Access code to check if the victim has clicked (Scroll down a bit to see access logs).
  2. Grabify IP logger
    Grabify is very similar to ‘blaze IP logger’ and provides tracking code just like access code above for you to see logs anytime you want. Just goto the website, enter any URL and click ‘Create URL’. Then you will get your tracking link along with stats link or tracking code.
    This tool has one unique feature that lets you embed Invisible pictureinto any HTML page or website that will automatically log the IP of visitor with out his knowledge, but Unless you know basic HTML and how to host website online i would recommend not to use it and instead use regular redirect URL method. But again if you can learn ‘How to make static websites’ (you will find loads of tutorials), this is the best tool.

Once you get your tracking link, make sure you use another URL shorter like tinyurl or before sending it to Facebook user. This will help mask the tracking URL since all of them have the domain name visible in the link.
There are many disadvantage in using these ‘IP loggers’, like the one i just said above. So it would be great if you could just create your own tracking tool or website. I will soon share the PHP script to do so. Now lets see how you can trace the location of any Facebook user using his IP Addressand user-agent information.

Tracing Facebook user location

Now here comes the real pain, You have already done enough reconnaissance against the victim (Facebook user) and now you have the ‘IP address’ of that user. What Next?. There is 90% chance that the IP address you have just found out is of a proxy server or a person from alocation which seems totally unrelated to you. And then there is a anonymous Proxy network called TOR and if in-case the Facebook userwhom you are trying to trace is Using TOR network, then the whole process of tracing his location will yield no fruit.
How to trace Facebook user location
So, if the user is using proxy or TOR network, the only way to trace him down is to engage with him on Facebook using another fake account and apply ‘social engineering methods to extract information, i will discuss about it next but before that we will just assume that the User is not using any kind of anonymity software and is casually harming you using his computer system or Mobile phone. In this situation its very easy to tracehis location.
In the process of getting IP address, If you used Blasze or Grabify you must have noticed that in the access logs along with IP there is another set of information about USER-Agent. User-agent is nothing but the Computer system which was used by the Facebook user when he clicked the tracking link. Here is the sample USER-agent data:
Analyze user-agent information
As you can see above we have two user-agents, the first user-agent is a ‘Windows machine (x64 bit)’ running Windows 8.1 (Windows NT 6.3) and the second one is a ‘Android device’ (Moto G XT-1032) running Android 4.4.4. It also contains information about the Web Browser used by the user. The Android device is using ‘Google Chrome’ while the former used ‘Firefox 38.0′.
Now that you have sufficient information about the Facebook user, you can compare it with any person you doubt. Just make a list of people you know using the said mobile phone or computer system. If you happen to know the person with same device configurations, then you have successfully traced that Facebook users location.
Sometimes you might have doubt on some people behind the fake profile but you have no Idea about what computer system they are using. In this situation, you make a list of people who are possibly behind the fakeprofile and create separate ‘IP tracking’ links for each of them. Now send the links to these people on their real Facebook profile. Be careful about how you send the tracking links, make sure your message is well crafted. I recommend you reading my previous Article for the tips.
Once these people click on their respective tracking links, list down theiruser agents and corresponding IP address. Now compare each of them with the fake Facebook users Information. If there is a match, You Win!. Note that the IP address will or will not match since some internet providers registers users on new IP every time they connect to internet.
Many times you may not find the match that means the people you doubted are either using multiple devices or the culprit is not on your list. In this case we will use IP address look-up tool to trace the location of the Facebook user.
Goto the above website and enter the Facebook users IP address and click ‘search’. Once it traces the IP address, it will show you a list of information that will contain Location, Latitude & Longitude, ISP, Domain (ISP name) and other information which might not be relevant. Important attributes to look-up is the Domain which contains the Internet service provider’s name, Location (sometimes not correct). If you think thelocation is known then just copy the Latitude & Longitude details (Ex:12°58’33″N 77°36’12″E) and paste it in Google to trace the location. But The most important attribute is domain. Once you know the ISP name, go back and match it with all the people you doubted. If any of the person has the same ISP provider, then he might be the possible culprit (IP addresses might not match since ISP provides dynamic IP these days).
In most cases you should be able to find the location of the user. If nothing works and the matter is serious, then please approach police with all your findings and register FIR against the Facebook user who is bothering you . If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to leave comment below.

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