How To Get 10000 plus Unique Visitors Per Day : 10 rules

Driving traffic to a site is the major concern of website owners bloggers and internet marketers. Getting continuous traffic is one kind of strategy which largely depends upon your site content  and it SEO configurations also some other things like on-page, off-page SEO, link-building, guest posting, participating social media, communities, forums all these things can help your site getting traffic frequently. Keeping an important vision to the internet marketers and webloggers we have written down this tutorial about to hunt the best web traffic sources online and at the real time of internet business it will be capable to deliver you targeted web page traffic.

How To Get 10000 plus Unique Visitors Per Day:


How To Get 10,000 Unique Visitors Per Day: 16 Tactics?

We the internet marketers search for daily internet visitors but we all don’t adopt some important processes, rules and regulations(that is a must for any web author or admin) by which will let our sites or blogs to get uninterrupted web visitors.

Top Traffic Sources 2013

Internet Marketers ask for top traffic sources or where to get unstoppable web traffic frequently, i thereby published an updated list having an untapped collection of web traffic ultimate sources i expect all of you will accept this as an experimental and you can get How To Get 10000 plus Unique Visitors Per Day.
Google Business

Today including all local listings google business listing is a real web page traffic source having a collaboration of great marketing features for totally free of cost. It has some unique technical facilities such as

1. While any internet user search for any query within across your area and if it gets matched with your keywords then definitely Google will show your local business ad
2. You could even run free business of your services and increase ultimate blog traffic for free
3. This service is capable to popularize your personal blog as well
Google Merchants

Google merchants is as like as google business you could promote your blog’s content and other eCommerce or affiliate products through it. It’s an active way to drive unlimited blog traffic. You could even advertize on google adwords by it. Google Merchant Center is a tool which helps you upload your product listings to be used for Google Shopping, Searching, Gaming, News, Blog, Mail, Adsense. But to launch with google merchants you must have your own credit card to launch campaign through Adwords.

Note: It is a paid click advertising program which runs by google adwords it surely capable to drive unlimited, unique blog traffic by google’s multiple sources online
Bing Local

After google business the largest local listing center is Microsoft’s bing portal business listings, it’s a free service and capable to drive huge traffic to your blog. It links to your blog across your own area while searching any query by a user. There fore you need to have Microsoft’s account and sign up for local business of bing portal. It’s so recommended by millions of users on the web. Try it today and get unique visitor to your blog

Google Plus

From my real life internet marketing i found many resources of web traffic and among them google plus is a unique platform to get unstoppable blog traffic and continuous readers, i first thought (when google launched first plus service) google plus is a simple community service and not capable to drive traffic to any webpage or blog and the features that other social networking sites offer (like chatting,instant messaging,video calling etc) is not available on this service but actually i found plus as a community point where chatting,instant messaging,video calling as well as unique visitor is gettable and it works for free. Even today google plus drives me a certain amount of visitors to my pages and it fails even social bookmarking and other services to drive traffic. I recommend you all to update your status on plug profile it won’t be any wastage of your time.

Facebook Profile

Facebook is the only contra of google plus and the best alternative of google plus and it is a massive resource of web traffic, once you create a page on facebook and promote it on facebook, share with friends, message it to millions of facebook users and that’s enough to get unique visitors to your blog. After google plus we recommend you to use facebook pages it will be very utilizable tool for your blog to get unique visitor

Yahoo Local

Like as google, bing yahoo offers its users and clients to enlist local business for free across the local are wherever you live and you could easily sign up for yahoo local business just you need to have a yahoo mail account. You could run your self blog’s leading campaign and other services through it. By that way yahoo is totally capable to deliver traffic to its users by local business portal. I personally use this service and i will honestly say this service is very active and works on time.

Squidoo Links

Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (called lenses) for subjects of interest. Squidoo had 1.5 million hand-built lenses as of October 2010. Squidoo is a free service for internet marketers to popularize their blog’s content or services and increasing sales and page views rapidly by simple lenses. Once you sign-up for squidoo they will give you a dashboard and a url. You use your dashboard to publish or update your articles and your published articles will be shown by a url delivered by Squidoo and you don’t need to run SEO for that url or even submit it to major search engines actually Squidoo automatically runs SEO for all their url lenses you just try to publish to attractive articles that has huge demand online. By using Squidoo you’ll be benefited from two ways like

1. Publish your adsense ads by squidoo and make money huge by your lenses
2. It will popularize your own blog or site and other services that you claim your own service

Hubpages hub is the best alternative of squidoo lenses and it offers about the same features like squidoo to its users. Some people say hubpages is the only contra of squidoo including lots of social community portals on the web. Both of the two community sites are the best platform to drive ultimate traffic to your personal blog or site and make money from google adsense. You can check out a comparison between hubpages and squidoo. See top 20 best alternatives of hubpages and squidoo


We learnt till this time about social community sites where driving traffic and making money both the two things are possible, but have you ever heard a site which offers to share documents only and capable to deliver your real time web traffic as well as they integrate your profile pages with google adsense so that you could make money from adsense as well as you could promote your affiliate ads and self blog’s content or other services. Try docstoc today as an ultimate web traffic resource


YouTube is a giant online video sharing sites created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. On this giant video sharing community site a user can upload, view and share video. This company is based on Sun Bruno, California and use Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technologies to display their video content having movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Including maximum web traffic sources YouTube is on a unbeatable position and its enough to increase your blog traffic, sales and services across the globe.

View some statistics of YouTube below

1. Web traffic rank in world by Alexa is 3
2. Getting 36,66,66,666 pageviews per day and making USD 11,00003 daily
3. has 806105677 backlinks according to yahoo and listed in Dmoz directory.
4. is hosted in United States at Google data center
5. is most popular in UNITED STATES. Estimated worth of is $803 Million

#11 Yahoo! Answer


Including all major web based community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market sites the Yahoo! Answer is ultimately popular to a giant share of internet users. It was launched by Yahoo! on June 28, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users or clients. This site gives its users the unique chance to drive massive traffic to their own webpages as well as it helps the affiliate marketers to earn money more. To be a questioned replier or answerer you must have to sing up them with yahoo! id and thereby you will be capable to answer any user or client who will leave question.

#12 Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo Groups

Like as Yahoo! Answer, yahoo’s another biggest online community forum is Yahoo! Groups, its the world’s largest collections of online discussion boards, where has a collaboration of thousands of groups in different manners and under a moderator their might exist up-to millions of members those participate in discussion board in either questioning or answering with each other. We feel its one of the biggest platform of web traffic which is capable to drive unlimited visitors to your webpage and increase your webpage rank, and business on eCommerce based. Don’t let your valuable times to be wasted try Yahoo! Groups today to get ultimate web visitors

Article Sharing eZinearticles

Ezine Articles

Unlike social networking and other community sites may drive you up more and more traffic but there is another idea to get unstoppable web traffic is undoubtedly article sharing, yes today on the web there are thousands of article sharing sites those offer online marketers and authors to write and publish free articles on their site without any cost. eZinearticles is one of the largest web articles publishing and sharing sites amongst all the article sharing community online. eZine is on good position in both Google and Alexa web page rank.  We overall recommend the internet marketers those who want web traffic instantly to adopt article sharing on eZine or other article sharing sites as eZine.

1. They have 438 traffic rank in world by Alexa.and is
2. Getting pageviews of over 25,11,415 per day.
3. eZine has 153971 backlinks according to yahoo and listed in Dmoz directory.

#13 Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the oldest web based free site enrolling service but today many users claim social bookmarking works for nothing and totally incapable to send them unique web traffic, but it’s sure that social bookmarking helps a site to send its content details and other technical informations to major search engines that’s how it helps the search engine robots to craw their site’s content even better than before and it makes an evident clearance to a search engine about a site. And therefore it will help you to increase web page rank both in Google and Alexa in later period. So to get How To Get 10000 plus Unique Visitors Per Day we recommend you all to use free website social bookmarking enlisting service, which will not lose your valuable times but you’ll be surely benefited.

The Summary:

We overall feel that this tutorial helped you at-least a little to get the certain conception about web page traffic and real visitors (surely unique). There are lots of web traffic sources online but we just mentioned the top sources where getting instant visitor is possible and on real time it works. For example web advertising is the real solution to get web traffic but if you adopt free advertising process then it may take too late to handle your target but the paid advertising is the unbeatable way to get instant visitor. Hence free advertising ofttimes help the internet marketers to get visitor.

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