• Node.js Vs Python: What’s the Difference?

    What is Node.js? Node.js is a server-side platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine. It uses a non-blocking, event-driven I/O model. It allows developers to create data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices. Its applications are written in JavaScript. It can be run on OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. It is […]


    Selection of the programming language for a project is one of the primary issues each project should resolve before starting. The programming language determines many crucial flows and procedures in project development, so, it is important to make the right choice. Choosing a language for backend development is equally important, as you will be using […]

  • How To Be Successful in Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing has been one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online. Many webmaster feels that their earning potential has been going with pay per click programs and the revenue generated according to the traffic they generate is nowhere near satisfaction. Hence, they are switching to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a […]

  • Why Do I Need a Website? Here are 21 Reasons

    Steve Jobs likewise asked ‘why’. He tested each and every operation inside his organization. Everybody, from the specialists to the bookkeeping staff, did things another way, since Jobs would ask them for what reason they got things done absolutely. Furthermore, replying, “Great, that is the thing that every other person is going” just wasn’t adequate. […]

  • Top 10 Best Flash Sites of 2015

    Top 10 Best Flash Sites of 2015 Here are our editor’s picks for the Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2015 based on visual artistry, integrated sound, ease of use, and uniqueness. 1 | Pharrell Williams – Happy Pharrell Williams has employed Flash and his creative style to create the world’s first 24 hour music […]

  • What is a 419 scam?

    What is a 419 (Advance-fee Fraud) Scam? An advance-fee fraud, also known as a 419 fraud, is a type of scam in which the victim is convinced to advance money to a stranger. In all such scams, the victim is led to expect that a much larger sum of money will be returned to him […]

  • What is port scan?

    Facts About Port Scanning Each individual computer runs on multiple ports. For instance, when a person opens his or her email, the computer’s server will open a port through which new mail will be downloaded through a connection to the email server. Certain ports on an individual’s personal computer are open continually, making them a […]

  • What is phishing?

    When used in the realm of computer security, “phishing” refers to electronic communications, such as emails, that are sent with the purpose of fraudulently gaining access to user information. Email is the most common form of phishing attack, but instant messages (IM), social networking postings, telephone calls, or text messaging might also be used. The […]

  • हिनाट्युन नदी (रहस्यमय नदी), फिलीपाईन्स

    Awesome Childhood      जगातील ९५% बहीन-भावंड अशी आहेत की, एका भावाला/बहिनीला लहानपणी वाटतं की आपण खात असलेले कुरकुरे, वेफर किँवा पीत असलेली फ्रुटी दुसऱ्‍या भावाच्या/बहिनीच्या अगोदर संपु नये           जगातील ७०% बिझनेस १ ते १४ या वयोगटातील मुलांमुळे यशस्वी आहेत . कारण प्रत्येक मुल जन्माला येताच त्याच्या भोवती बिझनेसचं वलय […]

  • Elijah Wood to visit India..

    Mumbai, Aug. 6 — Hollywood actor Elijah Wood, who is best known for his role in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, will visit India in September for a few musical performances. And apparently, actor Ali Fazal will be his official host in the country. The international star will be accompanied by his music partner, […]