Business Website

Business Website

Bussiness Website

The process of creating a website is done in several stages ( design, hosting , operation, maintenance ) each requiring the signature of a specific contract with a particular speaker , the content must be written by a legal professional.

If, for any business , having a website has become indispensable, it is also very important to be present on social networks ( Facebook page, Twitter account , … ) .

Steps :

  1. The period of reflection
  2. The selection and purchase of the domain name.
  3. Drafting of specifications.
  4. The choice of the method of embodiment.
  5. The choice of the company or product that will create the site.
  6. The choice of host.
  7. Legal obligations.
  8. SEO.
  9. Animation Site.
  10. Selling on the Internet.
  11. Are there specific aid ?